About Us

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, A-BACI is an online shopping platform for fashion clothes, jewellery and accessories. We provide the world with the best fashion products Hong Kong and Asian designers have to offer, as well as the latest global fashion trends made with quality materials.

A-BACI features our own in-house designers as well as local designers from Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond. Our products combine the creativity of the designers with the quality materials from all over the world, but most notably from Europe.

The name A-BACI is derived from the Latin word abaci, the plural of abacus, which is widely known as a counting frame. Much like an abacus with its Asian origins, we strive to be internationally recognised and widely used for its simplicity.  We have chosen the plural form of the name, as we aim to give our customers countless options and choices, requiring countless counting frames.

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