Designer Spotlight: Susan Oei, MS. Chic

Perfume accessories? Hong Kong designer Susan Oei, the founder of MS. Chic, sits down with us to tell us about her signature product and opens up on what startup life is like, as well as her exciting upcoming plans for her brand.


Ed: So what inspired you to start MS. Chic and designing fashion accessories?

Susan: Firstly, I am a shopaholic myself. I love seeing pretty things, especially accessories and eventually, I began making my own. At first, it was just for myself, but eventually a lot of friends requested I make some for them as well, and here are, 5 years later!

Designer-Spotlight-Susan-Oei-55 Neroli by MS. Chic

Ed: How did you come up with the idea for your signature product, the perfume accessories?

Susan: My mother has been collecting miniature perfume bottles for many years, and it always surprised me how much detail was put into these bottles, despite many of them being just samples. I thought it would be a terrible waste since many end up unused or thrown away, so I decided to up cycle them as fashion accessories.

Designer-Spotlight-Susan-Oei-6Petal Little Black Dress Bracelet by MS. Chic

Ed: Tell us a little about your design process.

Susan: Since I have the luxury of working for myself, I like to give myself more creative freedom. Instead of designing around materials provided to me, I like to design first, and then source the materials after. I prefer to use natural materials, such as pearls, crystals, quartz, adage and gems. Pearls are probably my favourite, as they are formed differently compared to most other stones, giving them a lively feeling.

Designer Spotlight - Susan Oei working

Ed: What kind of difficulties have you faced building your brand so far?

Susan: There are pros and cons to being a handmade fashion accessories designer. The biggest pro is having the freedom to design and make with my own hands, whatever I have in mind.  A major drawback of making handmade accessories is keeping up with the volume of the demand. Finding good distribution for my brand has proven difficult, as I cater to a more niche market. Not everyone values handmade products as more than a sum of its parts. There are very few platforms like A-BACI that are good at promoting local designers and valuing handmade products.


Ed: So what is the future like for you and MS. Chic?

Susan: I am hoping to create a more diverse range of products. I am currently working on incorporating new products into my products, such as sterling silver and CZ stones, which presents me with the challenge of using new techniques as well.

The Angel by MS. Chic

Ed: That sounds very exciting, I’m sure a lot of people can’t wait to see. Thanks for your time, Susan!

Story of MS. Chic

MS. Chic was founded in late 2011. Chic is a French word, means stylish or smart, is an element of fashion, it is also the element for MS. Chic, design and produce accessories making women become stylish.
Since MS.Chic believed perfume fragrance says a lot about one’s mood and personality. MS. Chic wants to make you an unique design of accessories with perfume miniature, which can truly represent the unique YOU and make you to be chic! That is exactly the core concept of design!

MS. Chic: