Dressing Up With My BFF

Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 1

“ True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style”

– Nicole Richie

Dressing up with my best friends is one of my favourite pastimes – we share our opinions and best friends never let you wear a bad outfit. My guest this time, Crystal, is also a fashionista but we have different fashion styles: she loves cool tone outfits with stylish accessories whereas I love warm colours.
This time we compromised and chose to dress up in neutral colours – black, grey and navy. Luckily for me, grey is one of my favourite colours for winter, especially for coats.

Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 2

Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 3

Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 4


For accessories, we want something special to show our friendship – I think the Friendship Bangle is the best choice for your best friend; it’s easy to match and they have various colours. On my arm, I am wearing the Be Cute white and pink while Crystal is wearing the Be Kind black & white.

The necklace is one of my favourites. I love the combination of pearls and perfume – they look perfect together! I am also wearing the 18K Rose Gold Wave Ring and carrying the Nutcracker Printed Regents Clutch with me. It’s just like a highlight of my outfit.

Crystal preferred something cooler with silver, going with a unique Bangle Ring that suits her cool yet feminine style. She is also wearing the Rockstuds Pearl Drop Earrings to match her outfit. Crystal loves using a big clutch when she goes out to carry all her stuff, so she went with this Weave Clutch. This sizeable clutch with a stylish weaving design really helps her stand out among a crowd of boring clutches.

Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 7


Dressing Up With My bff by Millie Yu 10

What I am wearing:

Top —  Zara black long sleeve top
Necklace — Chanel No.5 perfume necklace by MS.Chic
Bangles — Be Cute Friendship bangle by Coco Q
Ring18K Rose Gold Wave Ring by The Layers
ClutchNutcracker Printed Regents Clutch by BLIND by JW
Coat — Chloé/
Skirt —  Dior navy denim skirt with embellishment
— Maison Valentino black pumps with embellishment

On Crystal:

Top — Topshop navy silk top
Bangle Ring — Bangle Ring by MS.Chic
Earrings — Rockstuds Pearl Drop Earrings by KIM T
Bangles — Be Kind Friendship bangle by Coco Q
Clutch Weave Clutch by KLEKS
Shorts — Zara black shorts with embellishment
Coat — Zara creamy white coat
Shoes — Steve Madden black boot heels