Diamond Wristlet Clutch for iPhone 6S+ by E-Candies

E-Candies - Candies Wrislet clutch Diamond iPhone6 - Yellow_closeup

HKD 450

All graphic pattern of shining diamonds of the Candies Wristlet iPhone6/6S collection are beautifully silk-screen printed on the silicone surface, simple and subtle, easy to suit all occasions.
Designed as a flip case, the inside of the flip includes a card insert for you to store one to two cards for your convenience; when closed, the flip case completely wraps your iPhone6+/6S+ to 360 degrees protection.

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Product Description

– Made to suit iPhone 6+/6S+
– Flip case to 360 degree protect the phone free from any scratches
– Inner compartments to store 1 – 2 cards
– High quality silicone rubber made
– Durable and water resistant

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16.5cm x 8.8cm x 1.9cm

Metal Strap Length