Pompon Keychain – S by E-Candies

E-Candies - Cliche Small Pompon Keychain - Pink

HKD 200

This new collection of Pom Pom keychains are a burst of colours, joy and fun. The Pom Pom keychains come in 2 sizes: Small (2 small pom poms), Mixed (1 small and 1 large pom pom) and Large (2 large pom poms). Decorated with Swarovski crystals, you can hook these pom pom keychains onto your keys or your different handbags to brighten up your outfit!

Available in 3 sizes

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Product Description

– 2 small pom pon
– 2 card compartments that can contain cards
– Consists of Swarovski crystal
– High quality silicone rubber made
– Durable and water resistant

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5cm x 5cm