Hard SWIRLS Green Weekend Tote by Glush/

Hard Swirls Green Weekend Tote

HKD 625

Inspired by natural agate stone, designer Grace personally like its enlarged textures. The patterns on each bag is slightly different, as if a natural piece of stone – you can never find an exact same one

This bag is perfect for moms, gym goers and travel lovers.


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Product Description

– Digital print 22oz canvas body
– Black faux leather shoulder strap

– Can hold laptop, documents, gym gear
– 1 inner zip compartment and 1 open pocket to cater cell phone and other small personal stuff

This bag is lightweight and durable. It is perfect for:

Cool Moms – No compromise with style! Stylish moms can put all their baby-related stuff all in this bag, while keeping their personal items in the 3 compartments inside the bag. Easy access to all the baby essentials with the hidden magnet at bag opening.

Gym goers – to put their sneakers and gym clothes in the bag while fitting in the laptop and documents in case it is a day-to-night work bag for the active ones

Travel lovers – to use it as a hand-carry bag for personal essentials with easy access to passport and wallets within the zipped compartment.

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48 cm x 32 cm x 15 cm