Liyan Tai, Product designer graduated from BA Product Design in UK, have been working in Product Design field for more than 3 years in Hong Kong. We have to make the mock-up models of our designs when we were studying in Uni, I was interested in handcrafting, and enjoy the process of making from nothing to something so much, I think the idea of handmade accessories or something that I am not sure yet, was developed back then.

FABcessories was established in 2011, combination of “fabulous” and “accessories”. We insisted on making every piece of accessories by ourselves, all the designs are 100% micro-manufacturing in Hong Kong. Every piece is intricate with laser cut and hand assembled.

We design with an obvious intention, we like making everything loud and extraordinary, in order to catch everyone’s eyes.

FABcessories is a fun and playful tale with life and daring ideas that will make your day, great fit for those who like their outfit to be dominated by accessories.

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