Jan K C L Fernandez, a little ‘kidult’, who lives in Barcelona, followed her early education in Hong Kong by further education in the UK where she majored in fashion design. Whilst part of these multi-cultural environments Jan absorbed everything: dotes, lines, colours, textures – plus a huge amount of chocolate.
Inspired by early Japanese kawaii street art , Jan adds a little bit of natural-born persistence and perfection, everything she sees with her eyes being instantly and succinctly fermented in her mind into her designs. Describing her work sometimes as unconventional yet beautiful.
Another huge inspiration for Jan is Mother Earth with birds, bugs, flowers and trees all appearing in her designs and adding Jan’s personal take. They never stop growing, using the contradictions she sees in nature to enhance her design work and subsequently her life.
Working in fashion utilising advanced skills in pattern-making and accessory design she allows her enthusiasm full rein to spread everywhere and anywhere.

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