Heritage Refashioned

Upcycled from Japanese silk obi for formal occasions, this collection of kisslock clutches carries auspicious blessings and stories inspired by Japanese symbolism and folklore, making them meaningful gift items.. The fabrics sourced from second hand kimono stores in Japan and the entire collection was designed and made in Hong Kong.
By giving a new life to forsaken and forgotten textiles rich with cultural heritage, we are pairing colourful history with sustainable eco-friendly fashion. Since the handbags are re-purposed from vintage / pre-owned textile, they are produced in small quantities and the pattern of the actual product will vary from our catalog. A charm of our collection of vintage eco-friendly fashion accessories, making them unique and one-of a-kind.
Heritage ReFashioned, was awarded the “Corporate Gold Award (Personal Gift Category)”, the “Green Award” and the three “Judges Awards” in the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Award in 2016.

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