Combining Nicola Barbano’s creative talent and Cristina Gatti’s experience in producing high quality products, ïttag was launched at the end of 2016 in London. 
Ïttag aims at establishing itself as a high quality scarf line with a design that tells a story. Cristina’s family business has been in textile since her grand-father, at the end of WW2, decided to buy a hand-working loom to weave fabrics for the inside of woollen ties. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of soft accessories to the most prestigious fashion houses in the world – from Gucci to Louis Vuitton as well as Fendi, Valentino and many others. In order to take the family tradition a step forward, Nicola’s visionary talent helps ïttag create a collection of scarves that tells a story by combining state of the art jacquard techniques with modern and unique designs. 
Inspiration for the collections mainly comes from travelling – both real and imaginary. For AW17, the inspiration came from one of the first journeys Cristina and Nicola went on together in 2012: while in Las Vegas, they visited the Neon Museum where the neon signs of the hotels and casinos of the 1950s are stored in a ground called the “Bone Yard”. They were very impressed by the colours, the sizes and the designs of the pieces but mostly by the history behind each one of then. For example, one of the scarves, developed in wool and silk, has a huge jacquard slipper in the middle and a pattern of jacquard slippers all around: the Slipper is, in fact, one of the most iconic neon signs of the 1950s Las Vegas Strip as it was the sign for the Silver Slipper Casino. Closed down for cheating shortly after its opening, the casino was then bought by a paranoid millionaire who feared the rotating Slipper sign may have a camera set inside spying on him; he had the sign light turned off and the mechanism dismantled (and the slipper filled with concrete!). 

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