Kleks Design

‘Designed with everyday comfort in mind’
KLEKS Accessories and daily novelties are designed for any occasion and made with your everyday comfort in mind. This is reflected by our minimalistic silhouette design and the usage of mixed media materials across the KLEKS collection.

What make us unique?
1. Unisex
Our Accessories are designed ‘gender free’, so everyone can enjoy the KLEKS collection.

2. Affordable Luxury with an executive collection directly targeting customers’ needs
Our product range is unique, exclusive and versatile. Functional products are directly designed to suit your minimalistic essential nature.

3. A timeless collection for multiple occasions
Any piece from the KLEKS collection is an investment for life. Our focus is for these timeless, long lasting and minimalist piece to be adaptable for your wear and comfortability.

4. Design for your diverse style
The nature of clothing is ever-changing. It is very much dependent on the season, location, or time. Yet accessories are a lifetime companion which become the highlight of your outfit and over time, a daily necessity. Thus, a part of you.

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