Sole Christine

Hidden Secret

Everyone has a secret, whether a beautiful or an ugly one.
A secret might have been passed down through the ages… coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, or even bought for vast sums of money.

For my collection, I was inspired by the childhood toy kaleidoscope, known as an observer of beautiful forms. I was fascinated by the reflection of mirrors and refraction of light that gives the viewer illusion whats really underneath. It has been so profoundly affected me so as to literally change the way I see the world.

The mirror reflection has symbolized vanity, self-examination and the limits of human understanding.
It has no preconceptions because it is without memory or ability to reason.
It is omnivorous and swallows everything it confronts without making judgments that might blur, mist or distort.

Therefore, I intended to produce jewellery that can be a shelter itself to hide secret and precious things, with some kind of sentimental meanings attached. To remind people to see things from different angles and aspects, which provides different views and meanings.

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