Spring Grennery by Millieymy 1

Spring Greenery Spring is finally here after a couple if chilly months! Here in Hong Kong, Spring tends to be wet and humid, with a lot of rain in April. Knowing this, I went with a stylish dark green coat to go with my Burberry denim jacket for this photo shoot.

Usually I am not a fan of green, but Greenery is the 2017 Pantone colour of the year so naturally I have to pay more attention to different shades of green for styling. Green is quite a common colour when it comes to accessories such as bags and scarves. I love how fun yet simple tis bag is – the Grassy Large Pouch from Glush/, which is made from canvas and covered by a grass-texture fabric. To complete the outfit, I wore the Quotation Clip On Earrings by FABcessories and a White Swan Necklace by MS. Chic. For arm candy, I matched a Forest Green Genuine Leather Bangle by KIM T and A-BACI’s very own Albany Bangle in green. All extremely unique and creative designs that help me stand out during Spring!

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 2

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 3

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 7

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 4

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 5

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 6

Spring Grennery by Millieymy 1

Outfit Details:

Earrings – Quotation Clip On Earrings by FABcessories
Necklace – White Swan Necklace by MS. Chic
Denim Jacket – Burberry
Coat –Malèna Hauteur
Bangles – Forest Green Genuine Leather Bangle by KIM T | Green Albany Bangle by A-BACI
Clutch-  Grassy Large Pouch by Glush/