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I am mostly familiar with this scenario – I’m already 5 minutes late but I realise the bag I used yesterday does not exactly match the outfit of today. Then I spend the next 30 seconds unloading things from one bag to another, and still manage to miss out items that are usually in my bag but somehow slipped out the day I most needed it, i.e. painkillers.
Why don’t you pack the bag the night before?  Well, I don’t even know if my eyes would look the same at the first beep of my alarm, (#monolidproblem), let alone my mood and the choice of outfit.

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Pretty much explains why I am drawn to this super-light backpack by Kleks. It’s medium-sized and well-structured, with a minimalistic touch in a mix of material. It has saved me from either or both:
a/ mimicking the red-faced emoji with things I forgot to bring,
b/ the extra 30 seconds for loading and unloading;
on a daily basis.
And since it fits every occasion for everyone, I decided to go with

Crop top, yoga pants and add an outer of your choice  – ranging from my attention-seeking pink coat to bomber, denim, leather jacket… Stuff everything in your Kleks and you’re good to go.

Keep it monochrome when it comes to smart wear is basic, why not add a touch of floral pants to lure that boy around the corner into a conversation? Good to have a unisex backpack that you can share with the future partner, you know.

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photography and text – Malee Malee Hong

photography assistance – KELLIE WONG

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